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Josiah's presentations ~ "Education at its Best!"

Donald J. Kemp, Asst. Supt. Instruction
San Dieguito Union High

I found his musical programs to be educational and entertaining in an area that is not always provided adequate coverage in our school curriculum, particularly in the Visual and Performing Arts. He is always well received.

Walter J. Frazier M.A. Ed.
History Teacher, Carlsbad High School

On Wednesday, February 27, Josiah presented a magnificent overview of the importance and significance of Black History and Culture to my World History classes at Carlsbad High School

His presentation consisted of music, stories, history, laughter and insightful experiences of his own as examined African-American culture and the contributions to American culture by renowned Black Americans citing as examples, Martin Luther King, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman and George Washington Carver.

He used the music of Bob Marley in a truly innovative way to present a view of the cultural contributions given in music and through the music, stories and history that at once brought the students into focus with his presentation. I would recommend this presentation to anyone interested in sharing and spreading the history, culture, music and poetry of African-Americans to American Culture.

Should you have any questions regarding Josiah, please feel free to contact me.
Thank you very much.

Edward Sweed, Principal
Oak Crest Jr. High

Josiah's assembly presentation on African music... he was well prepared and he held his audience. His performance enriched our students and we would like him to return.

Charles Jacobsen, Math Dept.
Oak Crest Jr. High

Josiah's presentations are always inspiring, uplifting and entertaining. His originality is Education at its best.

Kathleen M. Porterfield
Director, Encinitas Country Day School

His original music and ethnic African themes added tremendously to our cultural studies program. We also used his presentation for our pre-school program. He held the attention of a large group and created an interactive music program that was enjoyed by all of the children as well as our staff.

Kay Wagner
Project Mgr., SDUSD

The quality of Josiah's original compositions both educates and inspires the youth. He has worked in the San Diego Unified Schools for years and I highly recommend him to any school, private or public.

Pat Meredith, Principal,
San Diego School of Success

Josiah brought a gift to the children that they will cherish in years to come. He has my highest recommendatin for working with children.

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