Nature-Focus Program

Excellent for the Celebration of Earth Day in April


With song, storytelling and interactive discussion, Josiah calls attention to the beauty and wonder of nature in its multifarious forms; the ocean, the wind, the birds, the flowers, and the trees of life.

Exploring sounds, colors, movement and the constant process of growth and change in ourselves and the world around us, he engages the children in participatory exercises. Encouraging creativity and self-expression, he guides the children in exploring rhythm, movement and the voice, creating a fun and festive atmosphere while educating and inspiring the virtues of observation and learning.

For the older audience, he presents a more sophisticated discussion of ecology and the inter-connectedness of life.

As with all of his presentations, Josiah shares original musical compositions with an array of musical instruments. With his unique persona, he brings an educational and inspiring program to his audience.

When planning summer activities, consider Josiah's fun, inspiring and musical 'Nature-Focus' Program to enrich your summer camp, community event, birthday or beach party activity.


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