Kwanzaa Program

An African American's New Year Celebration with Josiah


Throughout the month of December, Josiah, The Music Storyteller /Artist Lecturer, offers a Kwanzaa program to enrich the Holiday celebrations at your school or community event. Kwanzaa is a cultural African American's New Year celebration which occurs during the last week of December.

Historically, native people have learned of their heritage through storytelling. Keeping in this tradition, Josiah shares the history and significance of Kwanzaa by weaving together songs, stories, poetry and narration.

He engages the audience in a cultural experience, celebrating the 7 values which are common to all of humanity, such as self-determination, creativity, cooperative work and responsibility. He shares Swahili words and explains when and why Kwanzaa was created. With an artistic and celebratory approach, he presents the story of Kwanzaa, sharing the beauty and wisdom of this cultural and social holiday.


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