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Education Enrichment thru the Arts for students of all ages


Josiah is pleased to present his Education Enrichment Through the Arts Program with music, stories, narrative and inter-active participation. Customizing his program to the young ones as well as older high-school and college students, he speaks to audiences of all ages. His blend of original and traditional music and stories is a unique and artistic approach to the regular curriculum.

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A Tribute to George Washington Carver
- An Overview of
The Musical Storyteller Program
- Josiah speaks about his work

His music inspires the younger children to listen, to move, and to have confidence in their own self-expression. With animated storytelling, he sparks the imagination and presents thought-provoking lessons. He encourages self awareness, self expression, and the confidence to pursue the great virtue of learning. His presentations always promote personal self-esteem, and respect for others. Interactive discussion and musical participation is part of the program.

Whether it be a Holiday, a curriculum topic, or a special event, Josiah presents an artful approach to enrich the educational process.

For older students, he focuses on multi-cultural issues, particularly African American History and Kwanzaa. His artistic, yet sophisticated presentations address the historical context and sociological implications of the African American experience.

Josiah, The Musical Storyteller and Artist Lecturer, presents assemblies tailored for age groups --K-2, grades 3-6, Jr. High, High School, and college level.

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