African American History Program

A Tribute to the Struggles & Accomplishments of African Americans


As always, Josiah's African American History Program is tailored to the age group of the audience. He engages K-3 children as effectively as college students, on this matter so dear to his heart.

With music, storytelling, poetry and narration, Josiah shares the struggles and victories of Africans, here in the Americas. Focusing on certain admirable figures, such as George Washington Carver, whose personal fortitude and perseverance allowed them to overcome great obstacles to make great contributions for the betterment of the world, he inspires and empowers his audience to persevere in their own lives and aspirations.

He reflects on the long and difficult struggle for equality, personal dignity, and respect. And he points to the many great achievements and accomplishments made by African Americans in the fields of science, education, sports, music, and entertainment.

With narratives from some of the great leaders, he shares insight and inspiration that helped an oppressed people reclaim their rightful place in the world.

As in all of his presentations, he performs music, usually with original songs, that help communicate the message of the program. For African American history, this message is one of acknowledging the spirit and vision for redemption, social justice, and personal dignity for oppressed peoples, and the need for self-determination in one's life, to fulfill one's work and dreams.

He looks forward to presenting this educational and uplifting presentation at your educational institution or other public or private venue.

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