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"Music is my Life."




For the last 15 years, Josiah has been performing for schools, from pre-school to college level, at civic organizations and in library story-telling hours.  Josiah is a multi-faceted musician with a special ability to relate to, entertain and teach children.  His 'music maker' program has been performed for public and private schools throughout the greater San Diego County area.   


Born of African-Cherokee descent, in the Cajun Caribbean rhythms of New Orleans, Josiah has nurtured his love for music since his youth, and absorbed the musical cultures and styles of many different peoples.




He is a professional singer, songwriter and guitarist, and is accomplished on the piano, drum, native flute, and assorted percussion instruments.  


Sharing music in celebration and teaching high ideals through music, song and storytelling is his mission and ministry.


Josiah's hobbies include reading (history, religion and philosophy... ), horseback riding, ocean swimming, hiking in nature, Tai Chi, fitness training, culinary arts, and of course, music, dance and African drumming.

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